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Health & Social Care Research Across North East & North Cumbria.

The CRN NENC industry team

Accessing support from the CRN NENC industry team

Running a commercial study

The NIHR Clinical Research Network North East and North Cumbria industry team is happy to provide support and guidance for anybody who is considering running a commercial study. The team can also provide advice on the national contract value review, which is a standardised, national approach to costing for commercial contract research.

The team also has a special focus on medical technology, working with MedConnect North.

Please contact Lauren Tough, industry operations manager, via the link below or by booking an appointment to speak to her.

Investigator initiated trials (IITs)

The industry team can also provide support and advice to anybody who would like to get involve in investigator initiated trials (IITs).

An IIT is a study led by NHS, university, public health or social care staff which receives research funding provided by a commercial organisation specifically to support that study. The funding could take the form of financial support, equipment, or software.

NHS IITs are often supported by a commercial company such as a pharmaceutical, biotechnology or devices company. However, for non-NHS settings it could be any type of commercial organisation that provides support via the funding described. For IITs, an NHS trust or other non-commercial organisation such as a university or local authority is the sponsor of the study.

The NIHR Clinical Research Network North East and North Cumbria offers regular funding awards for people who would like to carry out an IIT.